Mentored Research Projects

My research centers around the confluence of human and artificial intelligence, and I am interested in computational problems that cannot be completely solved by computers alone, but need some intervention by humans. Current projects include:

  • Researching and applying concepts from human computation, collective intelligence, and propagation of ideas to enhance interdisciplinary collaborations, through a system called CABPortal.
  • Exploring the opportunities, implications, and costs of using large language models (LLMs) and generative AI in software engineering.

Each semester, I can consider up to three students, to join my lab.

Background needed:
Curiosity, and a desire to learn and explore new areas within Computer Science and other disciplines.

  • To shadow my research (CSC 298) no prior experience is needed, so students can start as early as their first semester at TCNJ. This is typically taken in the first or second years, for 0.25 or 0.5 units in a semester.
  • To take CSC 498 as a CS Option or free elective, CS Introductory Core (CSC 220, 230 and 270) and at least two 300-level CS courses. This is typically taken in the junior or senior years.
  • To take CSC 498 for CS Capstone, CSC 415 (Software Engineering) and at least two 300-level CS courses. Any of the following would be a plus: CSC 315 (Database Systems), CSC 335 (Algorithms), CSC 360 (Networks). This is typically taken in the junior or senior years.

Students will be enrolled in the course by Records and Registration after the mentored research form is approved following the process below.

  • Meet with me so we can talk about the project, your interests, work involved, roles and responsibilities. You may choose to complete 1 course unit of CSC 498 in one semester or over two consecutive semesters (0.5 in each semester OR 0.25 in the 1st semester and 0.75 in the 2nd semester).
  • Complete and submit the online Mentored Research Enrollment Form. Attach the Capstone Experience Deliverables Agreement with the form if you plan to take CSC 498 for Capstone.
  • Once the approval process is completed, Records and Registration will enroll you in the course.

Contact me if you have any questions.