Mentored Research Projects

For FallĀ 2016 I will consider up to 2 students to continue development of CABECTPortal andĀ SOAP, the web-based system that manages data on brownfields, and legislation related to pollution and the environment.

Background needed: Minimum 415 (Software Engineering). Any of the following would be a plus: Networks, Database Systems, Algorithms, Mobile App Development.

Process for enrolling in CSC 498 if you are interested on working on either project:

  1. Make an appointment to see me so we can talk about the project, work involved, roles and responsibilities. You may choose to complete the 1 course unit in one semester or over two consecutive semesters (0.5 in each semester OR 0.25 in the 1st semester and 0.75 in the 2nd semester).
  2. Complete and sign the College’s Independent Study Enrollment Form and get it signed by me and then take it over to Mrs. Laurel Leonard, Asst. Dean, School of Science, for her signature.
  3. Take the signed form over to Records and Registration in Green Hall so that they can enroll you in the course.
  4. Also complete and sign the Capstone Experience Deliverables Agreement.

Copies of the signed documents will be maintained in your folder in the department.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.